About Roofing Tile

We are premiere company dedicated to supply and distribution of stone coated roofing tiles in Kenya. All our products conform to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to ensure high end quality.

Our long term experience in manufacturing of high quality Colourful Roofing has made us a reliable roofing materials supplier in the region. Contact us today for purchase inquiries.

Authorized Distributor

For years, our complete dedication, innovative ideas and a passion for excellence has ensured that we remain authorized distributors of premium New Zealand roofing tiles in the region.

Classic Profile

A traditional and attractive 8-tile roof panel that gives a timeless look of the mediterranean roofs. Designed to get same appearance of traditional clay roof style, with additional benefits of steel roofing. Available in a wide selection of colors to enhance any exterior colour scheme.

Because of the downturned front and the upturned rear edges, the panels have a strong overlapping and interlocking tile covering, which provides an excellent durability, protection and resistance to wind lift or other extreme weather conditions.

Shingle Profile

Mimics Viking architectural style design which uses hand-split wooden shingles and rustic structure. This stone-coated panel is pressed from a high grade of Aluzinc layer with a distinctive vertical ridge textured finish to enhance the roof design.

Available in wide selection of natural colours either as a single colour or dual color to enhance any exterior colour scheme

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Roofing Tile Specifications

Classic Tile Specification

Overall Length: 1350mm
Length of Cover: 1280mm
Width of Cover: 380mm
Area Coverage/Tile: 0.48sqM
Tile/SQM : 2.08pcs
Weight/Tile : 2.7kg

Shingle Tile Specification

Overall Length: 1340mm
Length of Cover: 1280mm
Width of Cover: 370mm
Area Coverage/Tile: 0.473sqM
Tile/SQM: 2.1pcs
Weight/Tile: 2.8kg

Roofing Tiles Installation

The roof panels can be interlocked either right over left or left over right with the side laps of one small corrugation.The panels are placed onto battens spacing 368 mm.The downturned front edge and the upturned rear edge of each tile provides a strong, weatherproof, overlapping and interlockingroof covering.

Each panel is secured by 4 serrated nails in the front-downturned edge into the side of the batten, positioned out of the water course. Minimum pitch is 10 degrees while the maximum pitch is 90 degrees.

Choosing The Best

Roofing Materials in Kenya

As one of Kenya's leading names in Roofing solutions, you can find our roofing products on many Kenyan roofs. The quality of our products coupled with accompanying dry fix products ensures our Colourful Roofing when installed not only last long but also require minimal maintenance.

There is more however that make our Colourful Roofing a favorite amongst homeowners in Kenya. From plain Colourful Roofing, slate-style tiles, concrete, and a whole lot more, we have a wide range of profiles for you to choose from. Our stone coated Colourful Roofing offer customers variations on textures and weathering effects too.

We understand that in these hard economic times pricing might be an issue too. Therefore, our Colourful Roofing are priced differently. With a good range of price points throughout, we are able to cater for all customers and all projects, big or small. If you want to ensure you are getting the right price for our Colourful Roofing, email or call us for a quote. Our quote is free, no pressure and can be emailed to you directly.

Our aim is to continuously increase our range of products to provide our customers with competitive and convenient shopping for all your roofing supplies.

We offer premium brands at prices that will make you smile. With our good prices, you can be sure to save on every order you make. Plus, we offer delivery services countrywide either for free or on highly discounted rates, so more savings for you.

Not sure which type of roof is right for you? Do not worry. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel happy to offer advice and product recommendations based on your preferences. Our friendly staff will support you throughout your purchase journey with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Roofing tiles are becoming the go-to roofing option for many Kenyans because of the many benefits that they offer. We are here to make sure that you do not miss out on this opportunity when roofing your home or building. Roofing tiles offer superior cover decades on end even under the harsh, tropical Kenyan weather.

Where roofing sheets and other materials fail, Colourful Roofing are your solution. Whether you are in the hot and humid coastal regions or you live right under the cold weather near Mt. Kenya, with Colourful Roofing you are assured of long lasting protection for you and your loved ones.

Nothing makes your home look beaten and unkempt like an old rusted roof. With Colourful Roofing, your home will always look superb and in great condition. The tiles do not fade therefore they don't need regular painting to maintain their color.

Our mission has always been to become the leading roofing tiles supplier in Kenya, capable of supplying all your roofing needs. As such, we continue to offer exceptional quality products, great customer service, and the best prices possible.

Call us today. We are Kenya's largest roofing tiles supplier offering the widest range and best pricing.