What is the required care and maintenance for your roofing tiles?

Provided they are properly installed, our roofing tiles should be maintenance free and should serve you with no trouble during the expected life span period.

What is the expected life span of your roofing tiles?

Our roofing tiles will last you for decades to come. We insist on stocking only superior quality products so you can roof and forget. We will give you exceptional advice on the installation process, so you get it right and avoid physical damage to the roofing tiles.

What colors are your roofing tiles available in?

We have a wide range of neutral earth tone colors and bright colors to choose from. The colors include grey, burnt blend, brown, brick red, blue and many others. You can choose the color that will complement the architectural design of your home or the curb appeal you want to achieve.

Does the color of your roofing tiles fade?

Unlike roofing sheets that fade over time, our roofing tiles do not fade. The color will last for decades, keeping your roof looking fresh and new.

Are your roofing tiles noisy in the rain?

If you live in the rainy areas of the country, installing our roofing tiles is the best investment you will make to get your peace and quiet. Since they are made of compact natural materials, our roofing tiles will be quiet under heavy rain.

Are your roofing tiles fire resistant?

Yes. Our roofing tiles are made of fire-resistant materials. In the case of a fire, the tiles will mitigate spread from one part of the house to the other.

What is the maximum pitch that your roofing tiles can be used on?

Since not all the tiles weigh the same, different tiles have different maximum pitches they can be used on. However, most of our tiles can be used on a maximum pitch of 90 degrees.