Roofing Materials in Kenya

Every homeowner knows the benefit of installing a good roof for their home. The roof protects your investment against weather elements and importantly also it determines the look of your home. It is imperative, therefore, that you choose the best roof for your home. There are many roofing materials you could choose from, but the most popular roofing material in Kenya is stone coated roofing tiles.

So why should you use roofing tiles for your next roofing project? How do roofing tiles stand out from the rest of the materials in the market? Read on to discover more about roofing tiles and why you should be placing your next order with us.

Benefits of using roofing tiles:

Here are some benefits of roofing tiles that you will enjoy;

Versatility - Stone coated roofing tiles are highly versatile and available in a wide range of profiles and colors. This gives you the advantage of being able to choose from a variety of products to suit your preferences and taste. You can even create multi-colored patterns on your roof for that elegant but exciting finish to your home or building.

Fire resistance - As unfortunate as it might be, fire disasters happen. Roofing tiles are fire resistant and therefore mitigate the damage caused by a fire by curbing the spread from the point of origination to the rest of the home or building.

Low Maintenance - With roofing tiles, you install and forget. Stone Coated roofing tiles are tough and therefore do not require any regular repairs. Breakages and leakages are not common, and therefore regular maintenance expenses become a thing of the past. You might have seen iron sheets getting painted regularly because of how they fade over time. This is not the case with Stone Coated roofing tiles.

Eco-Friendly - We all want to pass on a great world to our future generations. Our roofing tiles are eco-friendly because they are made of natural materials and therefore environmentally friendly. Also, the manufacturing process is not damaging to the environment.

Longevity - Roofing is expensive and therefore it is important that you get it right the first time to avoid having to replace the roof or constant repairs that can increase your expenses significantly. Our roofing tiles are premium quality and guaranteed to last you many decades to come. When properly installed and set-up, be sure that you will never have to worry about your roof for the next 50 years.

So why make your order with us?

When you make your order with us, you are assured of only premium quality products. We do not relent on quality and that is why many Kenyans are trusting us for their roofing needs. We stock a wide range of superior quality roofing tiles to give you a competitive advantage that you will not get elsewhere.

That is not all, we offer the best prices for our products. The bigger your project the more you will save when you make your order of roofing tiles with us because the more you order the better the price gets. We endeavor to change the way Kenyans are roofing their homes by providing the best roofing materials at the best prices.

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